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Commerce and Economic Development Bureau
Entertainment Special Effects Licensing Authority
Guidance Notes No. 7

Requirements for a Non-Movable PSEM Store

  1. Under section 23 of the Entertainment Special Effects Ordinance (Cap. 560), no person shall store any pyrotechnic special effects materials (PSEM) at any place other than the location in respect of which a store licence has been issued. A PSEM store is classified into two types: “non-movable PSEM Store” and “movable PSEM Store”.
  2. Normally it is less complicated and less stringent to apply for a movable PSEM store licence than a non-movable one to store PSEM in terms of requirements and restrictions. However, in some cases such as in theme parks, bulk storage of PSEM (e.g., more than 200 kg NEQ) may be required owing to operational need and a non-movable PSEM store is therefore required in this situation.
  3. A non-movable PSEM Store shall conform to the following requirements (see appendix for further information):
    • built with fire resistant materials
    • no exposed ferrous metal in the exterior or interior
    • capable of being securely locked
    • rigid and large enough to store the PSEM in a safe manner
    • the door of the store is painted in red with the words “DANGER – PYRO MATERIALS 危險 – 煙火物料” in white (at least 100 mm high) or in a manner that is approved by the Authority.
    • equipped with a security alarm system and fire service installations and equipment to the satisfaction of the Authority
    • the store or the building in which the store constitutes a part has an efficient lightning conductor
    • a design approved by the Authority
  4. It shall only contain the types of PSEM specified in the licence, subject to the maximum licensed capacity. It shall not contain other dangerous goods. Due to compatibility requirements, PSEM that are not compatible shall not be stored in the same store. Binary system pyrotechnic materials shall be stored separately from the PSEM.
  5. All proper precautions shall be taken to prevent:
    • fire and explosion in the store
    • unauthorised persons from obtaining access to the store.
  6. No smoking or naked light in the store, and also 15m within the PSEM store.
  7. The store, when containing any PSEM, shall be kept securely locked unless access to the store is required. It shall be provided with suitable fire extinguishing equipment at readily accessible locations as required by the Authority. The maximum NEQ of PSEM to be stored, the maximum number of personnel permitted to enter the store, appropriate warning signs e.g., placards, a warning signboard (see Annex A for a typical warning signboard), and emergency procedures including contact details and escape route shall be posted in a conspicuous place of the store.
  8. A licensed Special Effects Operator shall be engaged as the operator-in-charge during the validity period of the store licence. A replacement shall be appointed when the operator-in-charge is absent from Hong Kong for more than 28 consecutive days and the store contains PSEM.
  9. The licensee and the operator-in-charge shall also comply with the requirements specified under the Entertainment Special Effects (General) Regulation, including:
    • a stock book, for recording the movement of stock and the associated information, shall be kept. A sample of stock book can be downloaded from the following link:
      ( )
    • each entry in the stock book shall be certified as correct by the holder of the store licence or the operator-in-charge
    • the stock books and all documents relating to the PSEM held in the store shall be kept for a minimum of 3 years
    • the current volume of the stock book shall be kept in the store
    • at each month end, a stock balance for each type of PSEM shall be recorded in the stock book and certified as correct by the operator-in-charge
    • the operator-in-charge shall inspect the store once a month and record in the stock book the findings of the inspection
  10. Preparation of a store management plan, which covers but not limited to:
    • storage capacity of the store and types of PSEM to be stored
    • location and construction details of the store including means of ventilation
    • personnel to be involved in the management of the store and their responsibilities
    • details of authorized persons permitted to enter the store
    • stock control
    • ordering and delivery of PSEM
    • operation procedures including handling and transport procedures
    • safety and security measures
    • arrangements for delivery and handling of PSEM during inclement weather
    • arrangements for misfired products and destruction of PSEM
    • emergency procedures including contact details and escape route
    • investigation and incident reporting

Entertainment Special Effects Licensing Authority
30 September 2020

ESELA Guidance Notes 7 (30.09.2020)

Download: Further Information on Non-movable PSEM Store

Download: Typical Warning Signboard for a Non-movable PSEM store

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