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Pyrotechnics and Special Effects Operators Subsidy Scheme

The Pyrotechnics and Special Effects Operators Subsidy Scheme is open for application from February 18 to March 11. The Scheme will provide a one-off subsidy of HK$10,000 to each eligible special effects operator (SEO) and assistant (SEA) holding at least one valid licence between 1 February 2021 and 31 January 2022 issued under the Entertainment Special Effects Ordinance (Cap. 560) and its subsidiary legislation, and who have not benefitted from any other sector-specific subsidy schemes under the AEF since January 2022. For practitioners who are holding different types of SEO/SEA licences, they would only be eligible to receive a maximum subsidy amount of HK$10,000.

For details, please refer to the Guidance Note and Application Form below:

Guidance Note
Application Form

Implementation of e-Licensing Services
In order to meet the targets of e-licensing services as announced in the Chief Executive’s “2020 Policy Address”, the Entertainment Special Effects Licensing Authority (ESELA) has enhanced its computer system to issue permits or licences in electronic mode to stakeholders via e-mail (i.e. provision of e-permits/e-licences). It will replace the current paper mode and further implement automated electronic services. The permit/licence in electronic mode is as valid as that in paper mode. If you wish to know more about the template of the e-permit/e-licence, please visit our ESELA’s website (https://www.createhk-esela.gov.hk or https://www.createhk-esela.gov.hk/eng/reference.php).