Other Forms

ESELA Application
Form Number
Title Downloadable Form E-form
Form 8 Authorization to Release Personal Data in Applying for a Licence Form Form 8
Form 10 Authorization to Collect Special Effects Operator Licence(s) Form 10
Form 11 Authorization for the Release of Data Relating to SEO Licence(s) Form 11 E-form
Form 12 Questionnaire on the Quality of Services provided by the Entertainment Special Effects Licensing Authority Form 12 E-form
Form 15 Special Effects Operator (SEO) Log Sheet Form 15
Form 16 Report of Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials (PSEM) Used Form 16
Form 17 Acknowledgement of Using Special Effects Materials in an Entertainment Programme Form 17
Form 18 Stock Record for PSEM Supplier Form 18
Form 19 Stock Book for Movable Store Form 19
Form 20 Report of Conveyance of PSEM Form 20
Form 21 Criminal Record Check Form 21