Other Forms

ESELA Application
Form Number
Title Downloadable Form E-form
Form 8 Authorization to Release Personal Data in Applying for a Licence Form Form 8 E-form
Form 10 Authorization to Collect Special Effects Operator Licence(s) Form 10 E-form
Form 11 Authorization for the Release of Data Relating to SEO Licence(s) Form 11 E-form
Form 12 Questionnaire on the Quality of Services provided by the Entertainment Special Effects Licensing Authority Form 12 E-form
Form 15 Special Effects Operator (SEO) Log Sheet Form 15 E-form
Form 16 Report of Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials (PSEM) Used Form 16 E-form
Form 17 Acknowledgement of Using Special Effects Materials in an Entertainment Programme Form 17 E-form
Form 18 Stock Record for PSEM Supplier Form 18 E-form
Form 19 Stock Book for Movable Store Form 19 E-form
Form 20 Report of Conveyance of PSEM Form 20 E-form
Form 21 Criminal Record Check Form 21 E-form
Form 22 Application for Approval/Registration of Pyrotechnic Special Effects Materials Form 22 E-form